The Invisible Signs of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is more of a problem than most people realize. And despite what everyone believes, very few people know that they have a problem with drinking. Despite common assumptions, there are people out there that can manage their alcoholism, individuals who are clearly consumed by their habit but for whom it isn’t so destructive to ruin their lives.

Yet, the consequences of such habits eventually manifest. Just because you are not drinking so heavily as to pass out in the middle of the day or lose your job doesn’t mean you have completely dodged the bullet.

If you have developed a habit of drinking, but it doesn’t seem to affect you life, yet you cannot help but wonder whether or not you might have a drinking problem, keep an eye out for the following signs:


A Hand Locked To Glass Of AlcoholThere is a difference between binging on alcohol at various parties you attend with friends and drinking by yourself. There are people who attend way too many parties and consume too much alcohol during those events. However, more disturbing is the person who is often drinking by themselves. In other words, you are not drinking to have fun with friends.

People who are often seen drinking alone are usually dealing with psychological situations; their mental, emotional, financial and social problems are driving them to seek solace in alcohol.

If you find yourself constantly self-medicating with alcohol in order to deal with all the disappointment and frustration in your life, you definitely have a problem.


Consuming copious amounts of alcohol every once in a while is relatively acceptable, especially if the riotous nature of your environment calls for it. However, as far as most medical experts are concerned, anyone who takes more than five beers a day, every day, definitely has a problem and should seek help.

Note that binging can attract all manner of health complications, from liver scarring to pancreatitis and even cancer.


A lot of people will brush the idea of alcoholism off not because they don’t realize how much alcohol they drink in a given day but, rather, that they never get drunk. However, a common sign of alcoholism is tolerance.

Spend enough time drinking and you are going to build up a tolerance. After a while, the effects of alcohol on your body will decrease so much that you will require larger doses to get drunk.

If you find yourself consuming larger quantities of alcohol than you used to before achieving the desired effects, then you are in great need of assistance.

Alcoholism is a mental illness that people must seek treatment for when they realize that they have an actual problem.