New Anti-cancer Drug Gets “Fast Track Approval”

The modern medical science is our greatest ally in the fight against diseases that are either simply degrading the quality of our lives or could be life threatening. A huge number of medical conditions have been defeated for good while others have their symptoms blocked by state of the art drugs, allowing the patient to live a totally normal life.

Such a case is a new drug called Venetoclax, one of the latest medical products which has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In fact, its success during the trial phase was so big that the FDA gave it a “fast track approval”, a rare decision that is only being used for drugs that offer extremely hopeful results.venclexta

Venetoclax is a pill administered to patients suffering from CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia). The choice of this specific cancer type was not random since, according to recent studies, CLL is the most common one diagnosed in the overwhelming majority of patients suffering from leukemia in general.

The drug took a few decades to create and now it’s being manufactured in Australia. So far, it has been documented to cause partial remission of CLL in 4 out of 5 patients while 1 of the 4 showed signs of complete remission. But the great news doesn’t stop there. According to the people who volunteered to use the drug, Venetoclax has zero side effects.

Robert Oblak, a patient that used the drug 3 years ago, stated that he experienced literally no side effects at all, which is a unique experience if we take into consideration the intensity of the ones caused by other “weapons” against cancer.

The sophisticated advancements of biotechnology implemented in the drug are the ones that make it so successful in its task. Venetoclax blocks the operation of a specific protein called Bcl-2. It is the one that cancer cells use to “disable” the programmed death of the cell they live in. By not allowing the aforementioned protein to do its part, the cancer cells either die or become very vulnerable to other existing treatments against them.

Even though it is still very early to reach a certain conclusion, the results so far offer huge hope to both patients and medical researchers. This could be the beginning of a new era when all it will require for a person to be cured of a cancer type is a regular dosage of something as simple as a pill.