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Tips on how to Take Care of the Fimale Reproductive Health

The female reproductive system is a very complex system that most people, including women themselves, find hard to understand and take care of. In this article, we shall give you several general tips on how you can take care of the reproductive system helping you to prevent health conditions that are more difficult and expensive to treat than prevent. Continue reading

Vaginismus – the Major Cause of Painful Intercourse

Are you experiencing pain during intercourse? Have you attempted almost everything to get rid of the pain and enjoy your sex life once again with little success? Well, you may be suffering from vaginismus. It is among the few conditions that cause acute pain and discomfort during intimacy. Continue reading

5 Women’s Sex and Health Myths

Women grow up surrounded by myths. Home remedies, old wives’ tales and family traditions are passed on to them by their mothers and grandmothers. But while some of this knowledge, as well those things they read in magazines and hear on television, are harmless and sometimes even useful, a lot of myths women are burdened with Continue reading