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New Anti-cancer Drug Gets “Fast Track Approval”

The modern medical science is our greatest ally in the fight against diseases that are either simply degrading the quality of our lives or could be life threatening. A huge number of medical conditions have been defeated for good while others have their symptoms blocked by state of the art drugs, allowing the patient to live a totally normal life. Continue reading

Are Sleeping Pills the Right Choice?

People usually turn to sleeping pills because they become desperate as a result of insomnia. And why shouldn’t they? Sleep is an important aspect of one’s health and if you cannot sleep properly, then why not trust your life to an FDA approved sleeping pill? Continue reading

Cannabis Can Alter DNA

For a while now, governments around the world have endeavored to educate their populations about the dangers that cannabis poses. However, warnings about cannabis use have always been restricted to the impact of its addictive tendencies. Continue reading

A Quick Guide to Antibiotics and How They Work

Nowadays it is very common to take antibiotics. In fact, we have all faced times when we got an infection and the doctor prescribed this kind of medication in order to treat it. However, antibiotics aren’t just something that is sold over-the-counter or handed out freely, and there is a good reason for that. Continue reading