Are Sleeping Pills the Right Choice?

People usually turn to sleeping pills because they become desperate as a result of insomnia. And why shouldn’t they? Sleep is an important aspect of one’s health and if you cannot sleep properly, then why not trust your life to an FDA approved sleeping pill?

No one is going to deny the efficacy of sleeping pills. However, if you cannot sleep, you are better off determining the source of your sleeplessness and finding ways of overcoming it naturally rather than turning to sleeping pills. Why? Because, as with most medicaments, all sleeping pills have side effects; so why would you want to take chances with drugs that might further disrupt your sleep?sleeping_pills

If you think sleeping pills are the only way to go, you are encouraged to take the following side effects into account before making any decision:

1.) Tolerance

This is one of the most prominent side effects of sleeping aids. Sleeping pills are not designed for long-term use. After a while, you will build up a tolerance and your body will require you to consume even larger quantities of the chosen sleeping aid in order to achieve the same effect. That only opens you up to even more side effects.

2.) Dependence

Once you build up a tolerance, dependence is not too far off. When you start using sleeping aids, you run the risk of acclimating your body to the effects of the sleeping pills in question. In other words, you will eventually come to rely on the sleeping pills so much that you will be unable to sleep without them.

To this end, it could be argued that sleeping pills make sleeping problems even worse, especially when one develops the addiction.

3.) Withdrawal

Once you begin to rely on sleeping pills to fall asleep, the only way to break your dependence and possibly even resolve your sleeping ailment will be to abstain from sleeping pills as a whole. However, this will open you up to withdrawal symptoms like shaking, sweating, and others. Life just might become an intolerable mess after that.

4.) Insomnia

Once you develop a dependence on sleeping pills and then stop using them (which is what your doctor will eventually encourage you to do), you are likely to struggle with insomnia. In fact, you can expect this rebounding insomnia to be even worse than the one that drove you to start taking sleeping pills in the first place.

The worst effect of using sleeping pills is their ability to mask the underlying causes of your sleeping problems. Those medical ailments causing you sleepless nights might go untreated once you start relying on sleeping pills to slumber at night.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should completely avoid sleeping aids. Rather, you are encouraged to approach them with caution, and only after consulting with your doctor.